Scott Miller - For Jack Tymon tab

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Scott Miller
For Jack Tymon
tabbed by infinitelazerdog
Standard Tuning

This tab sounds almost exactly right.  I looked forever for a tab, but had to try to tab 
myself.  It's plenty accurate when playing around with some friends.

Main Riff:

Chords:  (You can play around with hammer-ons to get the true sound)

                  G                        Cadd9
May your back be straight and your fingers ten.
                  G               Cadd9
My your cup be full when you say when.
                    Em                          Cadd9
May your parents be so that they always let you grow.
                         G                              Cadd9
And may your heart be so pure its one that God wants to know.

May your schooling be good, and if its not
May the times be easy and you still smart.
May your friendships be so that they almost feel like home
And your heart be so pure its one that God wants to know.

And may you have the joy of passing something on
Like the laugh of your father or the courage of your mom.
But if that never happens and you end up alone
May your heart be so pure its one that God wants to know.
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