Scott Walker - The Seventh Seal chords

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Intro: Gm Cm D7 Gm
        Gm             Gm7
        Anybody seen a Knight pass this way?
        Gm                                 F
        I saw him playing chess with Death yesterday
        Gm                           Eb              F
        His crusade was a search for God and they say
             Eb          F              Cm
        It's been a long way to carry on
        Gm              Gm7
        Anybody hear of plague in this town?
        Gm                            F
        The town I've left behind was burnt to the ground
        Gm                           Eb             F
        A young girl on a stake, her face framed in flames
               Eb        F                        Eb
        Cried "I'm not a witch, God knows my name"
        Gm                              Gm7
        The Knight he watched with fear, he needed to know
        Gm                               F
        He ran where he might feel God's breath
        Gm                         Eb       F
        And in the misty church he knelt to confess
        Eb                  F         Cm          C#m
        The face within the booth was Mister Death
        G#m                      G#m7
        "My life's a vain pursuit of meaningless miles"
        G#m                          F#
        "Why can't God touch me with a sign?"
        G#m                            E            F#
        "Perhaps there's no-one there" answered the booth
        E                 F#               C#m
        And Death hid within his cloak and smiled
        G#m                               G#m7
        "This morning I played chess with Death" said the Knight
        G#m                               F#
        "We played that he might grant me time"
        G#m                        E                F#
        "My Bishops and my Knights will shatter his flanks"
        E                  F#               C#m
        "And still I might feel God's heart in mine"
        G#m                             G#m7
        And through confession's grille Death's laughter was heard
        G#m                                   F#
        The Knight cried "No - you've cheated me!"
        G#m                                E          F#
        "But still I'll find a way.  We'll meet once again"
        E               F#          C#m   Dm
        "And once again continue to play"
        Am                         Am7
        They met within the woods, the Knight, his Squire and friends
        Am                           G
        And Death said "Now the game shall end"
        Am                           F               G
        The final move was made, the Knight hung his head
        F                     G                    Dm
        And said "You've won. I've nothing left to play"
        Am                                 Am7
        The minstrel, filled with visions, sang to his love
        Am                         G
        To look against the stormy sky
        Am                                  F                   G
        The Knight, his Squire and friends, their hands held as one
        F        G                  Dm
        Solemnly danced towards the dawn
        Am                         G
        His hourglass in his hand, his scythe by his side
        Am                              G
        The master Death, he leads them on
        Am                          F                G
        The rain will wash away the tears from their faces
        F                  G                  Am
        And as the thunder cracked, they were gone.
        G Am G Am

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