Scouting For Girls - Love How It Hurts chords

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The song's recorded in between two keys (C and C#), so playing along with the song sounds weird.

Verse  C - Am - G - F   
       I've been waiting, all my life
       For someone like you to come mess with my life 
       Someone crazy, someone who 
       Is someone who'll love me the way i loved you
       I keep searching, and what's worse 
       Now that you've gone all that's left is the hurt

Bridge C - Am - G - F   
       Three little words, that's all that I've got
       Three little words like it or not

Chorus Am - F - C - G
       Tell me you noticed, tell me you heard
       For you I'd have run to the ends of the earth
       I couldn't keep you, but I'll keep my word
       It's the most beautiful pain in the world, 
       I love how it hurts

Verse  I've been trying, since you left
       Trying to fix all the bits that you wrecked
       I'm just waiting, 'til it mends
       Then I'll let you break it again and again



Middle F - G - F - G
       I've been losing my mind, I pretend that it's fine
       Trying to keep it together while I crumble inside
       You got a friend at the end of the line

Chorus 2  Give me the moment, give me the chance
          I'm lost in the hurt, I'm caught in the past
          Give me the moment, give me the chance
          Give me the hurt, I know it can last


Outro   F - C - Am - G 
        I love how it hurts......

Verse   This is my journey, this ain't the end
        I'm waiting here 'til i see you again
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