Screeching Weasel - Planet Of The Apes tab

                  PLANET OF THE APES - Screeching Weasel

tabbed by tyler s (

Introduction and between verses and
choruses when no one sings:
G---3---5------------------------|    play this part 3 times,
D---3---5---7---5---5---5---5----|  pause, play it 3 more times,
A---1---3---7---5---5---5---5----|  then go to the part written
E-----------5---3---3---3---3----|  below and play it once


    x2  x2  x2  x2  x2  x2  x2  x2  <--play the chord
                                      this many times

Verses--This part is the first part
of each verse (there are 2 parts in
each. Play this when Ben is singing
these lyrics and then start playing
the next part.  ---->
E---------------------------------|  Planet of the apes,
B---------------------------------|   You're a primate primate
G---5-------3---5-------5---------|  Planet of the Apes,
D---5---3---3---5---5---5---5-----|   You're what I hate, I hate
A---3---3---1---3---5---3---5-----|   2
E-------1-----------3-------3-----|  Planet of the apes,
   x6  x6  x6   x1  x1  x1  x1        You are so wrong, so wrong
                                     Planet of the dinks,
                                      Here comes King Kong,
                                                      ding dong

Next Half of Verse Parts-
play during these lyrics--->          1
E---------------------------------|  This orangutan,
B---------------------------------|  is a one man gang,
G---------5-----------------------|  is a fuckin goon,
D---3-----5-----5-----------------|  a big fat ass baboon
A---3-----3-----5-----------------|   2
E---1-----------3-----------------|  You're a simian
                                     You're the missing link
   x2    x2     x7                   (go to next guitar part)

This part's played 2 different times-
1. Toward the end of 2nd verse (This club's a zoo
   thanks to you, and your gorilla buddies too)
2. Toward the end of the song (Monkey see,
   monkey do, do a shot upside the head for you)


   x?   x3  x4  x3  x4  x6  x6

Chorus-Planet of the apes,
planet of the apes etc. (after a few
times playing this they go to playing
a G powerchord.
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