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Scrubs - Welcome To Sacred Heart chords

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Hello everybody,
while I was searching for chords for the songs of "Scrubs - My Musical" I saw that 
no one posted Chord sheets - except for "Guy Love".
So I started to write down the Chords of "My Musical". Please feel free to contact 
me at in order to improve the chords or if you wanna say something else.

"Welcome to Sacred Heart"

Intro: E, F, F

Dr. Kelso:
	B	           Eb
Hello, I'm Dr. Kelso, I'm delighted that you came
	B	        Gm	         G#	              F
So the doctors say you fainted, and you don't know what's to blame
	Es	                        C/E
Well, put your mind at ease, there's no ill we can't outsmart
	B	     Gm
On behalf of all who work here...

Cm	    F	    B		F#
Welcome to Sacred Heart!

	H	                   E
Our facilities are excellent! You couldn't ask for more
    H	       g#m	           A	          F#
As long as you avoid the bathrooms on the second floor

Dr. Kelso:
E	                 C#/F
This is Dr. Cox, I'll be giving him your chart
Dr. Cox:
     H	        g#m	    c#m	         F#	H
And that's Dr. Kelso -- the kiss-ass of Sacred Heart!

    E	                H	               C	        H
You say you burned your hand real bad -- we'll fix you up with gauze
   g#m	    g#m0      Hmaj7/B	g#m	   C#4	C#	          F#
Perhaps you need your fat sucked out -- or want a smaller schnoz!

Dr. Kelso:
    E	          H	       Eb7	    g#m
You caught an S.T.D. from some tasty little tart?

We swear
We won't judge you here at Sacred...
Here at Sacred...
G	       C
Here at Sacred Heart!

(Instrumental:) C, F, G, C, B, G, F, D/F#, C, am, dm, G, G#

Dr. Kelso:
	 C#	                         F#
One more thing that I should mention, if what I've heard is true
    C#	         bm	   H    	G#
And everyone appears to be singing to you....

Ahh, Ahhh! Ahh, Ahhh! Ahh, Ahhh! Ahh, Ahhh!

Dr. Kelso:
F#	          F#7/G    G#	           bm
Your case is very serious! And we'd better start!

	C#	          bm	   ebm	         G#
'Cause if you think we're singing, you belong at Sacred Heart!
F#	 F#7/G   G#	   bm		
Doctors! Nurses! Patients! Dead guys!
f#m	   G#	  C#
Welcome to Sacred Heart!
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