Sea Of Bees - Gnomes chords

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Capo 3

Em              Am
How did you find
Bm            Em
The hidden *door behind?


Why don't you close your eyes
And remember that world
    Bm                                Em
Of the beauty of the cupboard that's unknown
Em                      Am
Beyond the Heaven and beyond the Hell below
       Bm                             Em
I just saw a face that made me want to go
    Am                        Em
And I just feel that you *feel that night
    Am                      Em
A gush slipping by and by I set out
Which is my crime I wanted to die
              Bm    Em
I want some life *to love

This time we bury my Hell
*The clock is there outside
     Bm                         Em
The trees spoke down to the weeds below
  Em                   Am
Send him a message to reach across my feet
    Bm                                Em
Oh each other's love it fell for you and me
Am                    Em
I...I feel your hand in mine
And I didn't have to come
You just took my pride
Away from the life
              Bm   Em
When it's in love

Ends with Em

* The lyrics are NOT correct. Specialy in these parts. *
Sometimes itīs difficult to understand what Jules is singing in this song. If you have 
the correct lyrics, please let me know.
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