Seabear - Seashell tab

Right. So this is the main acoustic part. It's just D, Am, C, G, but with the picking 
This repeats for the whole song.

Capo 3rd fret

         Humming     to    yourself


     v ^     v        v ^     v    v ^     v    v ^

You watched the words change for someone else
Form an echo in a seashell
A drunken thought or a long farewell

And then tonight I'll dive into your eyes
Will we feel like this for the rest of our lives?
Just a bird, tied to a stone
Do I really want the stone to be thrown?

Under the sea, black and deep:
Everything I give is everything that I keep
So shake the leaves off this tree

And in the dark blue light
I watched the bottle sail into the night
Carried you home, shaking like a leaf
You couldn't swim even though you live by the sea

A flock of owls know your name
Will you promise me to stay the same?

Buried my hands on the old cold sand
I looked up and saw all the sunlight on you again

Night after night, I followed you home
Light after light, I followed your footsteps on the snow

(Under the sea, black and deep) x5

Under the sea, black and deep

Everything I give is everything that I keep x12
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