Seabird - The Sound Of You And I chords

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This is my first time putting a song up, but I really love this song and could not find
anything for it so I played around until I found what sounded pretty right.  It's not
perfect, but it's pretty good I think.  The Am part is the only part I had trouble with. 
 It may be wrong.

Capo 3

G            D       C
Not so long ago, I knew how to laugh

       G               D        C
You taught me how to love, and how to dance

       G           D          C
When things went wrong, you always had a song

                       Am           C
That always seemed to make things right

             G       D      C
It was the sound of you and I

(The rest of the song follows the same pattern)

G               D          C
Maybe someday soon I'll become a man.

G                  D         C
Put off childish things and take your hand.

       G       D        C
With yours in mine, I think I'll be alright,

                        Am         C
I think I'll make it through the night.

                  G       D      C        G
D      C
When I hear the sound of you and I, the sound of you and I.

       G       D         C
When you're a way, you think it'd be ok,

                       Am         C
to sing this song just one more time?

             G       D      C        G
D      C
I love the sound of you and I, the sound of you and I.
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