Seasick Steve - Treasures chords

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A very minor-key sad blues ballad!! From the 2011 album You Canīt Teach An Old Dog New Tricks.

Although it opens on Dm, it closes on the chord of Dm/C, so it just hangs there 
unresolved, adding to the melancholy.


on the Dm / Dm C sections. Roll on and off the open top E string to F on the first fret. 
Like so....

E ---1--p0-h1----1--p0-h1--|
B ---3---3-------3---3-----|
G ---2---2-------2---2-----|
D -0-----------------------|
A --------------3----------|
E -------------------------|

Little chromatic run on the E string, A to Ab to G, then G to G# to the Am chord (all 
marked down below)

OK here we go!


Dm Dm/C x4

Verse 1

       Dm   Dm/C         Dm    Dm/C
When I walk    down your street
             Dm           Dm/C          Dm Dm/C
Through your barred windows you look at me
        Dm   Dm/C                Dm  Dm/C
And you wonder    have I come to ask
                Dm       Dm/C               Dm   Dm/C
For one of your precious things that do not last

Refrain 1

/F  /F#  G
All your treasures
    /G#  Am       /C
All your treasures

Dm Dm/C x 2

Verse 2
              Dm     Dm/C               Dm  Dm/C
You think you know me     but you don't know
             Dm           Dm/C              Dm    Dm/C
That there's more to this picture than that shows
        Dm Dm/C               Dm    C
And you fear   that I come to steal
         Dm   Dm/C            Dm   C
Your sec-urity     that ain't real

Refrain 2

/F  /F#  G
All your treasures
    /G#  Am       /C
All your treasures


Dm Dm/C x 6
G /G# Am /C
Dm Dm/C x 2

Verse 3
       Dm       Dm/C          Dm  Dm/C
I will leave now    you won't cry
     Dm     Dm/C              Dm  Dm/C
With relief now   you'll just sigh
          Dm    Dm/C         Dm  Dm/C
You'll re-member    come one day
           Dm            Dm/C
And you'll walk out your door
              Dm   Dm/C
Cos you can't stay

Refrain 3

      /F  /F#  G
While all your treasures
    /G#  Am       /C
All your treasures slip away

Refrain 4

/F  /F#  G
All your treasures
    /G#  Am       /C
All your treasures


I hope I've done it justice!

Kevin O'Brien
June 2011
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