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Seether - You Know Youre Right tab



Shaun Morgan comes in...


Verse is just the muted F# Major Chord with the hammer on and pull offs identicle to the
stumming in Shaun's intro part (0h2 22 2p0 0 0h2 222 2p0 00- only on the low E string)-
the whole this is muted

During the verse in the part that suddenly becomes distorted (never speak a word
is just the D Major power chord on the 5th fret stummed fast, then it slides up to the E Major
chord on the 7th fret.

In the part just before the chorus (things have never been so...) Shaun just picks the D 
the A major

The chorus is the same as the verse only un muted and distorted heavily then in the last
which is different from the Nirvana version were Kurt plays the tremelo, the lead
plays the same chorus riff only starting on the 7th fret of the A string he hammers of 
9, then slides up to the 12, 14 then 17th fret.

In the last chorus Shaun plays the intro riff that he plays but interupts it with a bend
the A on the 2nd string 8th fret
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