Sentenced - Despair-ridden Hearts chords

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I'm not sure if it's perfect, but works for me. Just throw this in if u wanna get 
laid with a goth. 

E tuned.


Hm		  A
All bridges... on fire!
   D	      A         Hm
As onward and onward we ride
The smoke rises higher, higher...
D           A         Hm
Up the ever-darkening sky
                      A           D           Em
So quickly everything swirled; descent of the world
                  A    Hm
Now it's all a chaotic ruin


	   Hm	           A
We came so far, we came so far
          D              A                          Hm
So deeply wounded and so scarred our despair-ridden hearts
Frail as we are, frail as we are
       D              A                           Hm
Firmly united we will stand 'til the world falls apart
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