Serj Tankian - Deserving chords

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Em               B  
I don't deserve you.
Em             B7  
Why can't you see?
Em             B  
I will desert you.
Em             B7  
Why don't you leave?
     Am           B 
But you put your faith 
   Am           B7   
In me one last time.
Am                 B 
You, you put your faith
   Am            B7     
In love all the time.

Em             C 
I believe that you,
        D           B
You and me, you and me.
Em          C    
We can achieve
              D           B7  
The love that we, we can see.


Go, find your path,
Em            B        
Take me with you
G              D            
I will make sure 
No one hurts you.

I need your ways,
Em          B7           
We deserve it
G             D             
We'll depend on
Our love. Here we //repeat twice

The next part of  song depends on your vocal and ability to shrill. So, changing 
the chords like the following you will achieve... mmm... something.

B7        Em-B(or Em-G-D)   
Here we, go
      Am(or Em depending on you vocal) G D B
You know...

So, sing, play and enjoy. 

Waiting for your comments.
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