Seventh Day Slumber - Oceans From The Rain tab

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Beautiful song, happy jamming & God bless!

Capo 4 
Em  D/F#  G

Verse 1 
Em   D/F#          G       Em            D           C   
And Iím amazed by You. Cause You're never far away 
Em   D/F#          G            Em   D                  C 
And all that Iíve been through, Your love has never changed. 

C                         G    D     C 
You make oceans from the rain 
                          G    D      C 
Breathing life into this place
                              Em   D      C 
And I will drown inside your love 
                          G    D     C 
Until I see Your perfect face

Verse 2 
Em   D/F#           G    Em      D            C 
And nothing Iíve acquired means anything at all 
Em                D/F#          G    Em             D          
Cause Youíre everything I needed.  You?re so much more than  
I deserve 
        Am      C 
And I thank you Lord 
        G       D 
And I thank you Lord  (Repeat) 
(End Chorus) 
               G         D              C  
The blood of Jesus can wash your pain away. 

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