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Seventh Day Slumber - Take Everything chords

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Take Everything (G)
(Joseph Rojas)

Intro: G  D - C

G                 Em              Bm
   Another melody,  Another empty song
   I tell myself that I have praised you
G                     Em                         Bm
   And try and make believe that this is all you want
   But once again I know I've missed it
Em          D                   C
   Praising you is not just the songs I sing
Em       G               C
   Jesus here I am, take everything

G                  D                    C
   Take the pain inside, take the brokenness
         Em               D       G
   Don't stop til there's nothing left
                    D                      C
   My arrogance, my pride, the loss of innocence
   Em          D    C
   Jesus, take everything

Em                 C                   G            D
   There's nothing left I need. that's when I feel alive
Em      C           G              D               G
   Holy Spirit fall fresh upon me, you can have it all

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