Shack - Holiday Abroad tab

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Song-Holiday Abroad
Writer-Mick Head
Tabbed by S. McNally

Riff (played with 12 string guitar)

Riff 2x

A                    Dsus2         E
Caroline smiles, she doesn't say a word
    Dsus2         E            A
She staring in my eyes and I'm melting
(A)                   Dsus2        E
I'm in the third lane doing ninety five
    Dsus2           E                A
I'm sticking to the wheel cause it's sweltering
F#m         F#m/F   F#m/E
We're going down to good old London town
Dsus2                    E
Picking up Sunnyside and Jason

Chorus (riff played over)
A              Dsus2         E
What a holiday this is gonna be
  Dsus2     E         A
A holiday abroad to remember

Riff 2x

Off and through France a lovely little town
A lovely little bar on the corner
We went inside the girls are tied
Hoisting and remembering the torturing
Jason got loud it didn't bother me
Bothered all the wheels in the corner
Built like a ship it skinny down the list
Fisting I remember I joined in

Solo (over verse chords)

A              Dsus2    E
  Dsus2     E         A
A holiday abroad to remember

On the way home another little town
Another little bar on the corner
What we gonna do, what we gonna say
What we gonna do about Jason
Cause Jason died...
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