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Shack - New Day tab

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Song-New Day
Album-On the Corner of Miles and Gil
Writer-John Head
Tabbed by S. McNally


Verse 1
Bb    A       Dm
If we wake up 
    C                    Bb
and the sun isn't shining
         A        Dm   C   Bb
Let's just walk away
                    A       Dm
And let this be the morning 
     C               Bb
of a brand new dawn
      A     Bb   A   Dm    
of a new....

[ Tab from: ]
C    Bb
  A           Dm
A whole new thing
  C         Bb
A whole new page
      A      Dm
Where we can think
   C         Bb
Where we can work
      A      Dm
Where we can be

Verse 2
If there's nothing left here
Where devoid of cheer
If we got no calls to stay
Let's break it all down
Shake it up
Turn this whole thing round
Let's find a new....

A whole new page
A whole new day
Where we can think 
Where we can live
Where we can be



Verse 3
If we're turning a new page
Let this our page
          A   Bb
Let it read
          A   Bb
Ride it free
Let it read   a....

A whole new thing
A whole new page
Where we can think
And we can live
And we can be

Outro (over chorus chords)
(scat some ba da ba's)

End with Dm-A-Dm
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