Shadow River - My Spirit Will Fly tab

This song uses a picked rythym over the verses then chords over the chorus.
It is another song from their days as "Grey Haven". 

"My Spirit Will Fly"

Ok the Rythym pick is like this:

E-3-------2------0--------------  REPEAT

Play a song for me as you lay me down
with a prayer for the lost to be found
and if on the wind you hear a lonesome sound
then when the temple is laid to the ground

F  C           G    F  C           G
My Spirit will fly, My spirit will fly
D          C
to a home, up in the sky
F  C           G
My Spirit will fly

(last G of chorus begins the rythym again)

Take the pictures from the walls
and give the rest to charity
when I hear the trumpet's call
I don't want tears shed for me, because


Time is wasted it slips away
like castles in the sand
you gotta find a rock to cling to
you need a place to make your stand

{chorus *doesn't return to rythym)

F  C
My Spirit will (drums)
F  C
My Spirit will (drums)
F  C           G
My Spirit will FLY!!!

(guitar solo with continued chorus chords)
F  C           G
My Spirit will fly
F  C           G
My spirit will fly
F  C           G
My Spirit will fly---(fade out with rythym pattern)
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