Shamrock - Just A Smile Away tab

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Title: Just A Smile Away

Artist: Luke Mejares


Intro: G-F#m-Bm-Em-F#m-G

D   DM7             G
one look that's all it took and i know somewhere
Gm D         D         DM7
somehow we'd together one smile that's all it takes
G                Em                       A-F#
and a chill goes down my spine that says forever

              Bm      A/C#
when you're hear ohh or far away from me
              G                   E/G#       A
there's a closeness that i feel because i'm sure

youre just a smile away
A/G             F#m  Bm Em         A
just a smile away, a smile that blows a kiss
         D    G    Gm  F#m-Bm
into my heart just a smile away (2x)
          Em    F#m   Gm-A
a sile thatblows a kiss into my heart

Do cp
1 touch gives such a thrill
that the things I want to say
ihave towhisper
oh one kiss and love begins
and the dream becomes so real it's never ending

(Chorus 2x)
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