Shane And Shane - Yearn chords

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YEARN  Shane and Shane (KEY OF G)
There are many versions of this song, but I think this one is just right for 
girls' voice... maybe boys' voices too. :D
God Bless!

Am D/F#  G     Am   D/F#      G
Holy design, this place in time
Am   D/F#  	G   D/F#  Em   D   C       D
That I might seek and find my God, my God

                G       D/F# 
Lord, I wanna yearn for You
         Em           D         C            D  (G)
I wanna burn with passion over You and only You
Lord, I wanna yearn
Am    D/F#     G   Am D/F#        G
Your joy is mine yet why am I fine
Am   D/F#  	G  D/F#  Em      D    C                 D
With all my singing and bringing grain in light of Him

Em                  C
Oh You give life and breath
Em             C
In You we live and move
That's why I sing
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