Shane And Shane - Be Near chords

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Be Near  
-Shane and Shane

I donít quite play it the same as the Shanes,
but it works for me. Chords in parenthesis are optional.

Capo 0 or 3

Intro: Bm  G  Bm

Bm       G            Bm           G
You are all, big and small, Beautiful
          Bm       G                      Bm
And wonderful, To trust in grace through faith
         (G)        C     (D) Em
But I'm asking to taste

       Em                G
   For dark is light to You
         Em                   C
   The depths are height to You
    G                D
   Far is near, But Lord I need to hear from You

   G      D       Em
Be near O God be near
   C              G        C          D        (D    G)  Bm G Bm
O God of us Your nearness is to us our good...(our good)

Bm                G    Bm              G
Your fullness is mine,    revelation divine
           Bm        G                     Bm
But oh to taste, to know much more than a page
   (G)          C     (D) Em
To feel Your embrace
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