Shane Bernard - My King Is The Rock tab

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			 My King Is The Rock-Shane Bernard
Tabbed by:bemerboy

There was no other tabs for this song and since it's such a great song I decided to tab 
out for you.  I'm not sure who sings it but i know Shane Bernard wrote it so here it is.

Intro: E B A B

E                         B
He appeared in the body, vindicated by the Spirit,
            A                               B
Was seen by angels, was preached among the nations.
                    E                  B
Believed on in the world taken up in glory,
             A               B
His name is Jesus, He is my King.

My King is the Rock and the Rock is the Lamb,
         B ,(second guitar plays this chord 079600 instead of b)
And the Lamb is the One,
     A                      B
Who died for my sin, He is holy.

     A  B
Our God...Yeah

If i made any mistakes tell me and i'll correct them
The palm muting in the intro and verse is kind of hard at first but once you figure it 
it'll be easy and sweet to play..God Bless
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