Shangri Las - Footsteps On The Roof tab

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Footsteps On the Roof

D                  Dmaj7 
City down below is sleeping once again
    G                               A7
I知 waiting here so impatiently, my love will soon be here with me
    D                       Dmaj7
The silence of my room, the loneliness of life
Will surely fade and disappear,
     D7					    G       A7
I値l know it when my love is getting near, I値l hear  

D                      F#m
Footsteps on the roof, footsteps on the roof
     G                                 A7
I値l run up there into the dark, he値l tell me that he値l love me
And the music will play as the world fades away

I do most everything to pass the time away
Cause every moment that passes by I知 not much closer to my guy
The silence of my room is suddenly no more
Excitement seems to fill the air,
I know it cause my love is getting near, I値l hear


I値l climb the stairs and shut the door, turn the lock once more
I sit and stare the stars up above
And dream of the moment I値l run to my love
Run to me, run to me


by: Jos Duarte
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