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Shangri Las - The Boy tab

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The Boy
C            Am         F		 G
His eyes the eyes, of a boy growing old,
C           Am             F		G
Deep down inside thereís a story untold,
     C         C+               F               Fm
He's sad, then laughs awhile he looks at me and then he smiles
C      C7    F      G              C    C7
Iím in love, Iím in love with that boy.
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        F          G                                             C  C7
Spoken: Till I met him I never thought that love could feel this way,
F          G                                             
My nights were filled with lonely dreams, that grew worse with each 
        C  C7 F          G                                      
passing day. I used to walk the streets at night, with really - no 
         C  C7    F                               G              G7
place to go   but loneliness is part of my past, a million tears ago.

When I stand by his side my heart fills with pride,
I look up at his face and I know, among giants he'll hold his place
So proud so bold, so strong can I behold,

C                 C7         F                         Fm
Do you think that people are being fair cause they all believe (?) 
    C                C7              F      				 Fm
But I donít fear what people say our love will grow stronger with each 
            C    F      G    C    F      G  
passing day Ohhh Iím in love Ohhh Iím in love..... fade

by: Josť Duarte
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