Sharam - She Came Along chords

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Standard Tuning

Very simple, chords used: D (once) and E, F, G.

G                            E
Strange, how you stopped loving me (loving me)
How you stopped needing me (needing me)
                  C        D        G
When she came along (Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh)
Strange, you changed like night and day (night and day)
Just up and walked away (walked away)
                  C        D        G
When she came along (Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh)

Hold G
Then E F G x3

Yeah, play, uh, oh baby baby
I was upset and you know you shady
Blame it on me like I'm fugazy
E            F         G
I put in work and you got lazy
Now you sayin it's shame on me
You left with a chick with a set of double D's
Why should we separate like Siamese
E            F         G
Didn't anybody tell you sex better in threes
I can be the reason that you both knock kneed
If I tell my homie Zulee he wouldn't knock me
Try to tell me lies, but you're so sloppy
E            F         G
When you leave with your friends, they all jock me
I understand if she know how to please you
I understand if she lovin' And tease You
In my right mind I should probably leave you
E            F         G
Why can't all three of us be peoples

Just repeat this pattern, you can hear when it runs through E F G throughout the song.

Last part
G                         D    E    F    G
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Na Na Oh, Na Na Oh 
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Na Na Oh, Na Na Oh, Na, Oh.
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