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Sharon Cuneta - All I Ever Want tab

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Title: All I ever want
Artist: Sharon Cuneta

                This is the new song of Sharon Cuneta
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Intro: Eb-Cm-Ab-Bb

Eb                              Cm
I think of you from the moment I wake up babe
 Fm                            Bb
I think of you till the time I close
my eyes
And start to dream of you
               Cm             B     Bb
Youre the only though I'll ever have
    Eb         Cm   
I think of you even as the morning starts
 Fm                        Bb         Ab
I think of you til the sun begins to hide
Behind the distant bend
                       Cm         Fm          
All through the night until the littest star
Has left the sky
                    Eb         Gm  Ab Bb
* In my wildest dream I dream about you
          Eb             Gm  Ab Bb
Every face I see, I see only you
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 Cm                      F
In my most quiet moments Ihear
only you
All I ever want to do is to say I 
love you

(repeat intro once)
Eb                 Cm
I think of everytime I hear the rain drop
  Fm             Bb
I think of everytume I see a moonlit
     Gm                  C7
A velvet cloud passing by
Just thinking of you makes me
want to fly
(repeat *)

 Ab                      Gm
The moment you walked into my life
                    Fm                Bb    Eb
There come happines and sunshine into my life
 B              Bbm                 Ebm
You dont know how good I feel inside
 Abm          Bbm            B       Bb B
Im so glad you stepped right inot my life
(repeat *)

All I ever want to do is say
   Abm                 Db7 C
All I ever want to do is say
  B                              E C#m-A-B-E
All I ever want ti do is say I love you
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