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Shaun Groves - After The Music Fades chords

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Tabbed by: Sam D

Verse 1: 
D             A 
Lord take me, From this place 
Bm      G 
Into a world that has no time 
D           A 
No hurries, No worries 
Bm          G              Em 
Gladly I'd leave them all behind 
Em   G  F#m Em                 A 
Down here,    I'm letting go and drawing near 	

            D              A 
I wanna sing,  I wanna fly 
           Bm                     G   A
I wanna see from your side of the sky 
            D              A 
I wanna love,  I wanna stay 
Wanna be close to you 
         G               D   A   Bm   G 
Long after the music fades
Verse 2: 
D           A
Lord I come to give you 
Bm            G
Much more than just a melody 
D              A
Please take me, and break me 
Bm             G
Right now God, I don't want to leave 
Em    G F#m Em              A
Unchanged,    I never want to be the same 
Long after...

                  Em        F#m 
'Cause Lord you are Mighty, Awesome, Righteous 
G                  A 
Gracious, Knowing, In me,  overflowing 
Em               F#m                G                A 
Father, Teacher, Master, Leader, Jealous, Love, You are 
(Chorus 2x)
You are life
You are love
        Bm                   G     
You are everything that I'm needing (Repeat)

2001 New Spring Publishing, Inc. 
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