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Shawn Mullins - Beautiful Wreck tab

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Shawn Mullins 
Beautiful Wreck

Sam Coxon

worked out by ear
Standard tuning

Intro A, F#m, E, D repeat 

A         F#m          E                D     A     F#m   E    D    A
Ive lost count of the times Ive given up on you
        F#m         E         D         A     F#m    E   D    A
But you make such a beautiful wreck you do
          F#m           E                 D     A     F#m   E   D    A
Theres a tavern on the corner called the Milky Way
        F#m        E             D     D  D A      F#m    E    D    A
And you look so at home there if makes me afraid

           A                F#m                                       
And at the dark end of this bar
                 D         E
What a beautiful wreck you are
A               F#m            D         E 
When you go too far, beautiful wreck you are

Well all the plans that you had from seven years ago

Like all the promises you made I watched them come and go

You put your keys in the car but it wouldnt drive

With you hands on the wheel lookin barely alive

Im still sitting here waiting on the passenger side

For you to make up your mind For you to make up your mind

F#m (or so im told)

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