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She And Him - Sentimental Heart tab

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Artist: She & Him
Song: Sentimental Heart
Album: Volume One
Composer: Zooey Deschanel
Tuning: Standard
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F         G                    Am
cried all night 'til there was nothing more
F         G        Am
what use am i as a heap on the floor
F         G               F       G
healin' devotion but it's just no good
F         G                  F      G
takin' it hard just like you knew i would

F C G          C
old habits die hard when you got
F        C         G       C
when you got a sentimental heart
F            C              G       C
piece of the puzzle your my missing part
    F            C              G      C
oh, what can you do with a sentimental heart

There you go have fun. i'll be posting the whole volume one tab soon so stay tuned.
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