She And Him - I Knew It Would Happen This Way chords

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I usually play this on the 4th fret, Enjoy! 

Em                     Bm
Hair got caught in the sunlight, darling
Em                    A7
But I just wasted the day
C                            Em
I knew it would happen, this way

Em                  Bm
Can't get up in the morning lately
    Em                  A7
And I'm just stuck in a dream
    C                      Em
I'm always in the ship in, the stream

Em  Bm  Em      A7                                 
I'm not wasting away 
    C         Em         Bm
and you don't want me anymore

       Em                  Bm
You're free to do what you want, I know
    Em                A7 - stop.
But I can't be on the clock
C                          Em
I won't be waiting, on the dock 
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