She And Him - Snow Queen chords

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First tab chord-y thing 

Intro - D

Well, I would rather do a lot of despicable things
        C                              A                                       D
Then sit around and wait, sit around and wait for the telephone to ring.
Why do you wait, what are you waiting for?
           C                                   A
Stop looking out the window, looking out the window,
He came at your front door.
I'm so cold,
           C      Cm              G
But I'm nice beneath the ice.
    Bm               A                    D
So deep, never doing as I'm told.
             G          Em
And it's cold outside,
          Am                 D
But I think you'll get used to it, darling.
            G      Bm  Em
And it's dark out there,
  Am               D
But isn't scary.
            G                 Em
I'm the cold, I'm the snow,
            G                     Em
Make it hurt until you go.
             G                     Em
I'm the dark, I'm the night,
            G                     Em
I'm a bark, but never bite,
         Bm               Em           A
I'm the snow queen, 
        Bm                Em         A
I'm the snow queen,
        G                  Am          D
I'm the snow queen,
       G                    Am         D
I'm the snow queen.

G Am D G 
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