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She Keeps Bees - Two Thousand Lights chords

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Two Thousand Lights
She Keeps Bees 

C         C6           Em   G
I've lost two thousand years
C       C6                 
my soul's been around,
Em          G
been around longer than your ears

Come back, come back to these
my eyes, my mind and this hair and I, 
can't seem to let me be who I am

God give me the strength to see my light
give me a reason why
I shouldn't feel guilty, guilty all the time
Shouldn't feel guilty

No one benefits from my
diminished, meek and somber
light, lights

Am   C6
wait here
help you hold on
and I wait here
help you hold on
Hold oooooh ohhhhh on
Hold ohhhh ohhhh on

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