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Shearwater - You As You Were chords

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Just some small corrections of hoosebad's version:

The song is in F# Major, here are the chords (for piano players or people who don't like 
capos) as you hear them, I play it with capo, for chords with capo see further down.

Intro: F#(/C#) x2 D#m x2 A#m B

When you fall at the rocks

At the bend at the river
With the blood from your nose

Running hard on your fingers
                A#m                B
And through the rest of your life

F#(/C#) x2 D#m x2 A#m B

And so on...

As the World goes racing, suddenly changed
As the shock of the axe, it leaves you trembling
Like a busting shell in the small of your back
Or a job that's hard on the cast of your little lie

And an animal life was surging away

And you were back on the first chord progression, the entire song consists of those two.


With Capo II it's:

Intro&Verse: E(/B) x2 C#m x2 G#m A

Bridge: C#m B

Have Fun!
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