Sherri Youngward - This Dream Of Mine chords

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This Dream of Mine/True Story  Key of Am
Am                        Fmaj7
I had a dream I heard a great sound
            Am                                   Fmaj7
It was God coming down to find me
There was light all around
It was brighter than lightning
            Am                                          G
And it covered the earth like a blanket

Musical Interlude:
Am     Fmaj7     Fmaj7/D     (3x)

                   Am                    Am/G
I shed all sadness and striving
              Fmaj7                       Am7/D
Like worn out old clothing 
       Am                                         Fmaj7
And I was relinquished from gravity
                        C             D11                 C               D11
I breathed a sigh of relief, like a soldier after war
                C                  D11                   G        
Like a soldier that finally made it home
Musical Interlude:  (made it home)
G     D    F    C     (4x)
When I opened my eyes
To six inches of sky 
                        Am                                           Fmaj7
Through the half opened blinds on my window
Am                    Fmaj7
I had to smile, full of the feeling 
         Am                                                      Fmaj7
That this dream of mine would come true

Outro:  (La-Las)

G     D     F     C      (14x)
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