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Shes Only Sixteen - Dying To Meet You chords

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My first tab for this song! Enjoy the OPM rock. :D

She's Only Sixteen
Dying To Meet you
Tuning:  Standard


INTRO: A (3x)


A                                     C#m
All the boys are dying to meet them girls
And all the girls are dying to meet you
Such a shame that you couldn't be yourself
Wasting time acting like you're someone else

A                                        C#m
Acting out and you're trying to keep low key
Think about your excuse in the morning
Sorry you're running out of alibis to say
Your dad is cryin "I never brought you up that way?!"


D        Dm       A                C#m                  D
Where did I go wrong despite the things I've given you?
D        Dm        A                   C#m                     D
Home is where you belong, despite the shit you put me through
D      Dm          A       C#m             
I'm singing this song in hopes that we'll be

D         Dm        A 
Holding hands again,
D        Dm         A
No need to pretend,
D         Dm           A
Time will help us mend,
D           Dm          A
I love you till the end.


            E                        D
She said 'I'll learn to live without you.

Universal Records Philippines
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