Shiina Ringo - Rakujitsu chords

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Not a very difficult song to play at all, and it sounds really nice. Listen 
to the recording for the rhythm.


G  A  Bm  Bm
G  A  Bm  B*
Em  F#  Bm Am
Em  F#  Bm Am

G  A  Bm  Bm
G  A  Bm  B
Em  F#  Bm Am
Em  F#  Bm-A#m-Am D

* I noticed a lot of people playing Bm instead of B. It sounds fine but 
Shiina Ringo definitely played B and imo it sounds much nicer.


G  A  Bm
G  A  Bm-A#m-Am D


Repeat G  A  Bm
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