Shiina Ringo - Jusui Negai chords

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This is definitely one of my favorite songs in terms of how the chords were
used to achieve a very powerful dramatic effect.

       E    e
Db     x43121   (x4312x also works if you don't want to bar the fret)

Gdim   34532x   (I use my thumb for the E string; if you think that's
                 "improper" guitar technique just go with 345xxx)
Adim   56754x   (Same as above)
Bdim   78976x   (Same as above; they are all the same shapes)

Verse: Listen to the recording for the rhythm change

Fm   Db   Bbm    Gb C  x2
Fm   Db   Bbm    Gb

Chorus: Keep going up the fret with bar chords

Fm   Gdim   Ab   Adim   Bbm  Bdim   C  Db C x4

If you have trouble with the diminished chords, forget the chords and simply 
strum the E string really hard and go 1-4-5-6-7-8-9-8, preferably with the 
octaves. With vocal on top the chords will come out.

Dramatic pause before the final instrumental part:

Db C
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