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Shinedown - Beyond The Sun chords

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Verse 1:

Em      G
Speak to me
So I can understand your tongue
Em    G             A
You seem rather fragile
Em          G
It's been said
It's cold beyond the sun
Em    G             A
Have you ever been there?


C             B
Communicating thoughts of ways
To never have to speak again
C              B           D C Bb
Let me be the fire in your head

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Em                        G
Bring what's yours, I'll take what's mine
     C               A
And meet you on the other side
       Em              G         C    A
We'll leave a sign so anyone can find us
   Em             G
A better place, a sweeter time
   C              A             Em
We won't need any wings to fly
  D                C
A place beyond the sun

Verse 2:

Em       G
Look for me
The way you would if you were blind
Em      G        A
Don't be so resistant
Em        G
I've been known
To travel much too fast
Em        G            A
Is that you in the distance?




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