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Shins - One By One All Day chords

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I worked this out (with help from the previous version and the fantastic tab) by
listening to James Mercer play it acoustically. I'm 100% certain that this is right. The E7sus4
chord is the same as the one he used in Past and Pending, which is how I came across it. 
Listen to the song for the changes in that chord, and I'll tab it for clarity. It sounds
lovely with open chords, with the obvious exception being the F#, which is easiest (and 
sounds best) played at 2nd fret.

E7sus4   02020x

 E      B        E - E7sus4   A
"Howdy, lem," my grandpa    said with his eyes closed
E          B                       E - E7sus4 A
wiping the eastbound dust from his sunburned brow
a life before doubt.

G           A                  G                A
I smell the engine grease and mint the wind is blending
G         A               D          F#   G
         D    A
under the moan of rotting elm in the silo floor

Verse 2:
E      B        E - E7sus4   A
Down a hill of pine tree   quills we made our way
E      B                            E - E7sus4   A
to the bottom and the ferns where thick moss   grows
beside a stream.

G         A                    G               A
Under the rocks are snails and we can fill our pockets
G               A              D        F#
G         D     A
and let them go one by one all day in a brand new place

Instrumental break x2
E B E-E7sus4 A

(play this variation on the verse chords twice)

G            A        G            A
You were no ordinary drain on her defenses
G               A        D        F#       G
and she was no ordinary girl Oh, Inverted World
           A             G                  A
if every moment of our lives were cradled softly
                    A                  D
in the hands of a strange and gentle child
         F#      G
I'd not roll my eyes
E       G

E       G Repeat until fade

When James Mercer played this acoustically, he repeated the E and G at the end a few
times then ended with E G A E which sounds really nice. As usual, Mercer does a lot of
Hammer ons and pull offs, which you can add optionally (sounds great on the D chord just 
before the F# and on the A in the chorus)

Furthermore, The E to E7sus4 change is a quick one. The E and B chords are a bar each,
whereas the E and E7sus4 chords last half a bar each. Listen to the song if timing is an issue.

I really hope this helps somebody out there play this fantastic song :D
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