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Shiny Toy Guns - Starts With One Acoustic chords

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There is not one version with the right chords on this side. This is the acoustic 
version. You can watch it on youtube. 

Am                            C           G
 Black rose and a radio fire it's so contagious 
Am                                  C                   G
 Such something changing my mind I'm gonna take what's evil
Am                                 C               G
 Your covered melting inside with wide eyes you tremble
Am                                 C            G
 Kissing over and over again your god knows his faithful

  Dm         F
I try to digest my pride
             C          G
But passions grip I fear
       Dm                   F
When I climb  into shallow vats of wine
          C            G
I think I almost hear but it's not clear

Am    G       C
 You are the one
       G        Am 
You'll never be alone again
G                 C         G
 You're more then in my head, your more 

Spin faster shouting out loud
C                       G
 You can't steal what's paid for 
 Such something hurting again
C                 G
 Murder son she's painful
 You so believe your own lies
C                G
 On my skin your fingers
 Runaway until the last time 
C                 G
 We're gonna lose forever
         Dm                F
When you try don't try to say you won't
             C        G
Try to crawl into my head
         Dm                        F
When you cry cause it's all built up inside
           C            G
Your tears already said, already said

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