Shiny Toy Guns - Chemistry Of A Car Crash chords

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Chemistry Of A Car Crash"

You're waking up
F#m        G#m               Bm
A part of me i've never known
And i've never felt
F#m    G#m
So invincible
Bm                        E
What took you so far away?

 F#m                      G#m
You're lost for tonight again
Bm                      E
That's what you wanted?
F#m                         G#m
Your arms to your side again..


E                              F#m
Just take away the words i say

Cause i know
        G#m     Bm
That you don't feel the same
Just go and say
What's in your head
                  G#m   Bm
And i won't try to stop you

You hold the rights i'll never own
And i've never felt
So alien
Don't tear us apart again

What is the use of it
We're OK, it's nothing
It's all chemistry of a car crash

And i won't try so you'll stay
This time
I won't try
And i won't change
This time i won't try
To stop you
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