Shovels And Rope - O Be Joyful chords

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Here's another one by ShoRo. CAH picks it at the start with the B string open for the A chord. Also, 
the G's in parentheses are step-ups from when she goes from E to A. You don't have to play them, but 
that's how she plays it. During the second verse, the electric guitar comes in (keyboard when they 
play it live) playing the same chords just barred.

"O' Be Joyful"
by Shovels and Rope
O' Be Joyful


O' Be Joyful, is that what you're brewing
G                    A
Does your daddy know that's what you're doing

His little girl's got her reputation out to ruin
        G                       E     (G)
She was giving them the country wave

Machete in a tree stump, hound dog on a chain
G                               A
Wooden legged woman playing the banjo in the rain

She can't recall the tune but the song is always the same
 G              E
"Jesus, give me strength"

D            E            A             F#m
Babe, it's alright, gonna wrap you up tonight
    D             E    (G) A    G  A  G
And carry you out right on time

She got Comanche, she got Iroquois
G                            A
She got a young man that she plays with like a toy

And he don't mind when she calls him little boy
         G               E
That's a thing that he enjoy

   (G)      A
He wants to get it all back but it's a little too late
             G                      A
He wants to start all over, wants a shiny clean slate

But she'll skin him like a snake and hang him up over the gate
      G                         E
Don't believe it, well just you wait

D            E            A             F#m
Babe, it's alright, gonna wrap you up tonight
    D             E    (G) A
And carry you out right on time

G       A             G          A          G
Hey alright, ain't it good to be alive
A                   D                       E    (G)
Ain't it nice to be fighting on the winning side

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