Shovels And Rope - Hail Hail tab

Another ShoRo jam. This is one of Mike's and was a little difficult to tab out, so bear 
with me.
The main riff (Riff 1) drives the song, so try to get that down first. Where (R1) lands 
on the
lyrics is where the riff starts, so that should help a bit with the timing. Definitely 
listen to
the track to get the timing and rhythm down.

"Hail Hail"
by Shovels & Rope
O' Be Joyful

Riff 1 (R1):
    A E G   A   C  B A E G A

Riff 2 (R2):
    A A/C   C   C/D    A   E G A   C  B A   E G   A

--------------------Verses--------------------     -----------Bop-baa's-----------
A:      F:       D:      C:      B:      A#:       C:       D:       G:      E:
e]-x-   e]--x-   e]-x-   e]-x-   e]-x-   e]-x-     e]--8-   e]-10-   e]-3-   e]-0-|
B]-x-   B]-10-   B]-7-   B]-5-   B]-4-   B]-3-     B]--8-   B]-10-   B]-0-   B]-0-|
G]-6-   G]-10-   G]-7-   G]-5-   G]-4-   G]-3-     G]--9-   G]-11-   G]-0-   G]-1-|
D]-7-   D]-10-   D]-7-   D]-5-   D]-4-   D]-3-     D]-10-   D]-12-   D]-0-   D]-2-|
A]-7-   A]--8-   A]-5-   A]-3-   A]-2-   A]-1-     A]-10-   A]-12-   A]-2-   A]-2-|
E]-5-   E]--x-   E]-x-   E]-x-   E]-x-   E]-x-     E]--8-   E]-10-   E]-3-   E]-1-|

R1 x2

                 (R1)                   (R1)
Hail hail rock n roll, hail hail rock n roll
Hail hail rock n roll, I loved you till you slit my throat and swallowed me whole
             F                                               (R1)
Now you’re a bad, bad boy with a selfish little soul, rock n roll
Can't put my finger on exactly what it is that you stole
You brought me low, lower than I thought that I could ever go
             C                     B         A#           (R1)
You threw my beat red heart into a deep dark hole, rock n roll

C D (R1)

                 (R1)                    (R1)
Hail hail thirty three, hail hail thirty three
Hail hail thirty three, your violent hiss sounds so sweet to me
             F                                             (R1)
You’ve got a copperhead kiss hidden up your sleeve, thirty three
You wanna burn me down like that old oak tree
You wanna turn my love into an enemy
             C                    B          A#         (R1)
You might've fooled everybody but won't fool me, thirty-three

C D (R1)
C D G E (R1) (R2)

                   (R1)                     (R1)
Hail hail wrecking ball, hail hail wrecking ball
Hail hail wrecking ball, when it gets out of control I'm gonna give you a call
              F                                                      (R1)
Why don’t you come down here and make some sense of it all, wrecking ball
The order got filled up, the order got too tall
It's breathing up your neck and burnin down your hall
          C                          B         A#             (R1)
What took years in the making took a second to fall, wrecking ball

C D G E (R1) (R2) (R1)
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