Showbread - Hydra chords

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    c         Em                 B                      G D   c              
  desicions are a vacuum that drains whats in you're head, and you spend 
   Em                   B              G D    c           Em              
what's left of you to tuck her onto bed,   butler for a human vacuum 
   B             G D    c                 Em                        B        
pouting in itself,   she pushed you down and broke your crown and made you 
           G D        c                   Em                                 
someone else,    releive the sentinels left charge over our greif
 B                                    G                    D 
resentment swells to fill the wells where we drown our releif  
c                       Em      N.C       
so if we ever make a choice, break our bone and they'll rejoice.

N.C= no chords.  hope you enjoy.:)
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