Showcase Showdown - Rip Em Off chords

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The Showcase Showdown

Chords: D G A F#m


D*                                           A*
Has the man got you down? No revolution lies ahead
D*                                          (G)        (F#m)   A
Working at a register till all day - Well it makes you want to kill
D                                            A
But there's no blood to be found on the street outside, or in a retail chain
D                                           (G)        (F#m)   A
Instead steal goods from the stockroom each and each and every day

A                G
They're stealing all your time
F#m                   D
So what are you gonna do?
        A            G
Rip 'em off, Rip 'em off
               F#m         D
'Cause they're doing it to you

Rows and rows of cubes and desks sapping all your energy
Always watching you like a hawk, no way to get away
They think you should be honored to be working in the their office world
Instead steal all their trade secrets and sell them to another firm


A~ >>>>> D~ >>>>>
A~ >>>>> D~ >>>>>
G\F#\E\D g\f#\e\D
G\F#\E\D A

Assembly line work on the factory floor, packing cartons eight to six
Forty years all ahead of you, conditions make you sick
Put a dead rat in a can a day, while the foremans turned around
Consumers will all soon revolt, and drive the business into the ground

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