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Sia - Soon Well Be Found tab

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G/Cm      3-X-5-5-4-3
Bb/Eb      6-X-8-8-8-6

Intro:    Cm     G/Cm   Fm    G

Cm      G/Cm      Fm      G
Come along it is the break of day
Cm      G/Cm      Fm      G
Surely now, youíll have some things to say
Cm      G/Cm      Fm      G     Ab    Bb
Itís not the time for telling tales on me
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Eb                   Bb/Eb
So come along, it wont be long
'Til we return happy
Eb                   Bb/Eb
Shut your eyes, there are no lies
In this world we call sleep
Eb                   Bb/Eb
Letís desert this day of hurt
Ab                     Bb      G
Tomorrow weíll be free

Cm         Bb           Eb              F
Letís not fight Iím tired canít we just sleep tonight
Cm         Bb           Eb              F
Turn away itís just thereís nothing left here to say
Cm         Bb           Eb              F                Ab          G
Turn around I know weíre lost but soon weíll be found
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