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Sidney Mohede - Pray For The Nation chords

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Pray For The Nation
True Worshippers - Sidney Mohede

Intro x2: 
F  F  C  C   
Verse 1 : 
  C            G/B       Am7          C/G 
I pray for the people, I pray for the nation 
   Fsus2          C/E         Dm7                  G 
For us to bow before You and humble ourselves and pray 

Verse 2 : 
    C                       G/B      Am7             C/G 
You hear our prayer from Heaven, You heal our land today 
    Fsus2                 C/E            Dm    G 
You turn our hearts from all the wicked ways 

Verse 3 : 
  C                      G/B    Am7             C/G
I kneel right now before You, I lift my hands towards the heavens 
  Fsus2        C/E           Dm                   G 
I pray, yes I pray for Your mercy and grace over us

Chorus : 
                     F/A G/B C/E 
You're seated on the high---est throne 
                  F G/B     C 
You're lifted up above  all things  
             Dm7      C/E            F    Am 
Exalted and adored, I worship You in awe 
Em Dm            G    C 
Be glorified and magnified 

Bridge : 
            G/B     G       F/A    F G/B       G       C/E Dm C 
There's now no more   condemnation   over this land no more 
        C/E G/B     G         F/A     F 
There's now no more,  no more curses 
Dm              C/E              Fsus2              F 
Over our lives, over our family, over our church today 

Tag : 
F                         C 
  We humble ourselves and pray 
F                         C 
  We turn from our wicked ways
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