Sierra Swan - Copper Red tab

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by Sierra Swan
("Ladyland", 2006)

Verse 1:
      Em  C
Copper red
      Em    C
Am I dead
           Em   C
Flashing lights
          Em  C
Out of sights
         Em   C
Wasted times
           Em   C
Troubled minds
       Em   C
All I know
         Em   C
I don't know

I'm alone in a days
But you won't cry for me
If I show who I am
Then you will cry for me 
You will cry for me

  Em             C                 G           F
Sitting on this broken glass that I threw myself
   Em          C            G             F
Tangled insecurety is where I liked to dwell
  Em           C              G                F
Ignoring my inpurities with one more glass of wine
 Em         C               G                 F
Seepping through this melody deep within my wise

Verse 2:
At this night
Against the wall
Tap through my skin
Get rid of it all

Oh trapped in my head
But you won't cry for me
So I laugh instead
Cuz you won't cry for me
You won't cry for me


Em            Eb
Oh don't you worry
         Dm         C#m
This credit card situation
  Em        Eb
I'm in no hurry
      Dm         C#m
To receive your adulation

Solo: Em  C  Em  C  Em  C  Em  C

Chorus   x2
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