Silver Jews - My Pillow Is The Threshold chords

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BAND:silver jews
TITLE: My Pillow Is A Threshold
tabbed by zaqlow

Am             Em
I take decaf coffee
      Am            Em
Two sugars and one cream
     Am                Dm
 don't see the use in staying
up Just to watch tv

 Am Em
I unplug all the neon
Am Em
Turn the ringer off the phone
Am                                         Dm
Throw my thoughts like tomahawks
Into this world which I disown

   Am                    Dm
Because the pillow that i dream on
   F                        Am
Is the threshold of a kingdom
Is the threshold of a
  Em               Am
world Where I'm with you

Am                      Dm
Its a dark and snowy secret
       F             Am
And it has to do with heaven
And what looks like sleep
Em          Am
Is really hot pursuit

                      Am                Em
I hold your picture in my mind
                       Am                  Em
It makes me warm when I'm cold
                        Dm Am
It gets me up, it makes me walk
It makes me question what I'm told

             Am                Em
Somewhere in a foggy atlas
                Am                Em
Lookout mountain,     lookout sea
                    Am                Dm
First LIFE takes time,      Then TIME takes life
Now the next move's up to me

     Am                   Dm
Because the pillow that I dream on
   F                 Am
Leads to some fantastic glory
      Dm             Em
It's a threshold of a world
I can't ignore

       Am              Dm
Like time on school from heaven
          F                      Am
Did you find me sleeping in your doorway
Now I'm here for good
     Em             Am
I won't leave you anymore
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