Silver Jews - Self-ignition chords

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when noted G* you can play this little lick:

C             Am
Oh self ignition, 
F                    G*
i can feel her suitcase sensing mine
C                         Am
she was her own permission,
         F                                          G*
miss nineteen ninety ninety ninety nine nine nine nine

Am           C          Am           C     (chords are half time)
charles james sofa, and a household truce
      G                                             G
and there every wednesday night beneath the counter booth

Dm            F                      C              G
i woke up in a house i could understand
Dm                     F                          C             G
the descendants of defendants were making demands.

C                      Am
gently thinking backwards 
           F                                 G*
on the psychedelic promises god made to me in the dark
C                                        Am
some of these kids don't have words
                 F                                G*
they're as helpless as parakeets in a park

   C              Am          C           Am  (chords are half time)
i couldn't believe it, when i saw that you wrote
          G                                            G
that a burning passenger shouldn't ruin the boat

Dm                 F                        C          G
if dreams are your body telling you it's confused
Dm              F                    C          G
then i've got a dream i think you can use

 C                  Am
all lace and fiction
           F                                       G*
in the lawless rooms where you finally lost your health
C                          Am
i read the evening edition
             F                                     G*
and the pumpkin on the porch is trying to heal itself

Am          C             Am         C      (same as above)
i don't like magic, and i don't like tricks
          G                                G
having a helluvah time believing we exist

Dm              F               C        G
the mailman dreams he's paul revere
Dm                   F                     C       G
he wants the whole town to buy him a beer

(no chords)
and i have to remember that your not wanting me
doesn't make me any less here

have fun, gorb.
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