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Silverchair - Cemetery tab

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Hey, everyone. Check this out. Its in drop D tuning and it's done in broken chords.
Hope yall like it, this is truly a great song!!!
(anything wrong with it, then email me.

     C      Em     Am    G/B

C        Em
Need a change
C               Em
Not to imitate
C                Em
But to irritate
C        Em
All the one's who hate
C              Em
I may be late
      C            Em     (C Em  Am  Em)
I always seem to get the wrong date
C                 Em
Well I guess its fate

C                 Em
I live in a cemetery
        C           Em      (C Em)
Full of good will and integrity
C         Em
I have no specialty
You see

Here's your warning
   Em      (Em)           Bm
I'll give you click click boom

Em          C                 |
I live in a cemetery          |
         Em                   |
I need a change               |    refrain
Em          C                 |
Not to imitate
           C                  |
But to irritate
(play this part twice.)

Em          C           C
I live in a cemetery
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